An Alternative Investment Company

London European Securities Limited is a alternative investment fund (AIF) providing straightforward investment opportunities to private investors in three currencies.

With offices in London and Frankfurt our team has a wealth of investment expertise. We will provide you with an honest, transparent and intelligent approach to maximise your investment delivering you exceptional returns.

London European Securities Limited is an Alternative Investment Fund that provides a straightforward investment opportunity to private investors.

Our investment is secured against a portfolio of property assets and deeds which London European Securities provides to our Investors.

Our offering provides a bespoke investment that can’t be found elsewhere on the market: high rates of return in Euros, Dollars and Sterling and genuine, direct security. We don’t retail investments and so our opportunities are restricted to sophisticated investors and subject to accredited investor status.

Complimentary to our investment offering we also provide multi-currency facilities to our investors in Euros, Dollars and Sterling, Investing is quick, efficient and transparent.

By choosing London European Securities you will benefit from our vast market experience, professionalism and communicative process that will help guide you to the optimum investment decision

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We can provide better interest rates with more security for our private investors with a transparent and efficient service. Investments can be made in Euros, Dollars and Sterling.

Commercial Lending

As part of our investment model we provide commercial lending that is specifically designed for property development.

Our commercial lending eases the anxiety and uncertainty about applying for finance, with our approachable, transparent and communicative service.

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