Your Investment Return and Our Interest Rates

We will provide you with the best interest rates paid monthly into your bank account in Euros, Dollars and Sterling.

Find out what your investment could earn

Your Investment Return

Investments can be made in Euros, Dollars, and Sterling

Investment amount

Best LES 12m Euro Rate at September 1st 2019


Bank Interest Rates

  • 0.75% ING DiBA Savings Account*
  • 0.10% Ing DiBa 1 Year Hard Money*
  • 0.05% Deutsche Bank 1 Year Fixed Deposit*

*As published February 4th 2019

Your return in 1 year

A competitive and fixed interest rate, this month and every month

Our High Interest Investment Note is a straightforward asset backed financial investment. It argubly works well compared to a fixed interest account at your bank, providing you with a high interest rate that is calculated each month on the amount you have invested in Euros, Dollars and Sterling.

This interest is then paid to you each month, transferred directly to your bank account. Your investment is secured against property securities that we provide directly to our investors with no upper limit to security provided. If you are concerned about protecting your capital this might be a good alternative for you to consider.

Find out what your investment could earn

Our Interest Rates

CurrencyInvestment Amount6 Month Investment12 Month Investment12+12 month Investment
100,000 plus
100,000 plus3.75%5.0%5.5%
100,000 plus3.75%5.0%5.5%

Rates will change from time to time but investors will continue to earn at the rate from their effective investment

*All rates are AER which stand for Annual Effective Rate and illustrates what the interest rate would be compounded once each calendar year.

find out what your investment could earn

We Grant Security to All Investors

We only have one type of Investment

The High Interest Secured Note will provide you with:

Exceptionally Competitive Rates

No Currency Risks

Registered Security

No Initial or Ongoing Charges

Interest Payments each Month

Currency flexibility

You always know where your money is!

You always know where your money is!

We’ll keep you up to date each month on what your investment is earning you via SMS and email.

Invest securely in any currency

We have a unique approach to currency, providing a fixed interest rate in euros, dollars and sterling. We do recommend that you invest in your home currency so that you don’t have to concern yourself with other currencies and exchange rates.

find out what your investment could earn
Invest securely in any currency

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